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Franklin Business Center

The Franklin Business Center is home to a variety of clients - find out more about the current clients of the Franklin Business Center via the client directory. The client directory is a list of clients who are currently operating their business out of the Franklin Business Center. This list does not include previous clients or graduates from the program. 


1st Class Home Healthcare
Suite 204
About: 1st Class Home Healthcare provides in-home services to the elderly and disabled.
Andy Ritter
Suite 403
About: Andy Ritter provides IT consulting services
Blackwater Timber Company, LLC
Suite 122
About: Blackwater Timber Company, LLC is a timber harvesting company that purchases standing timber from private landowners and harvests this timber by way of clear cutting bottomlands and uplands, or thinning of upland timber.
Commonwealth Benefits Corporation
Suite 407
About: Chuck Bradshaw, owner of Commonwealth Benefits Corporation specializes in financial services for both the private and commercial sectors. He also offers free mentoring services to clients in the Franklin Business Center.
FMS International, LLC
Suite 405
About: FMS International is an engineering consulting and project management business.
Genesis Worldwide Services
Suite 409
About: Genesis World Wide Services deals with government and commercial entities in providing life support, logistics, construction, IT and security services. They specialize in emergency response and austere environments where operational constraints are common.
Good Deeds Home Health Care
Suite 312
About: Good Deeds Home Health Care offers premier home health care that includes skilled nursing, nursing aids, social work, occupational therapy and personal injury case management services.
Helping Hands Sitter Service, LLC
Suite 401
About: Cheryl Morton, RN, (owner) and the staff of Helping Hands Sitter Services, LLC, offer compassionate and reliable in-home private-duty healthcare services, especially to the elderly and handicapped patients.
Heritage Solutions
Suite 126
About: Heritage Solutions offers a wide range of services not limited to lawn maintenance, property renovation and cleanup along with property management.
Individual Choices
Suite 308 & 311
About: Individual Choices recruits, trains and monitors sponsor families that provide adult foster care for individuals who have intellectual disabilities.
Insights International Holdings, LLC
Suite 414
About: Insights International Holdings, LLC, specializes in researching and patenting applications for nano and micro technologies.
KC Applewhite, LLC
Suite 305
About: KC Applewhite, Inc. offers an asset based transportation and brokerage service for refrigerated, bulk loads and the import/export intermodal market.
Limitless Training Opportunities, LLC
Suite 406
About: Limitless Training Opportunities, LLC offers driving improvement courses.
Mrs. Mary's Loving Arms Home Health Care, LLC
Suite 410
About: Mrs. Mary's Loving Arms Home Health Care provides skill nursing, non-skill Nursing, personal care and respite services. Mrs. Mary's loving Arms serves their patients with encouragement, kindness, and integrity.
MiAngel Home Healthcare, LLC
Suite 312
About: MiAngel Home Health Care provides in-home services to the elderly and disabled.
NYLIFE Securities
Suite 123
About: New York Life provides financial services, life insurance, long term care insurance, investment products and employee benefits to the community.
On-Time Staffing, LLC
Suite 101
About: On-Time Staffing is an employment agency that specializes in providing temporary employment staff to regional employers.
Parallax IT Inc VA
Suite 240
About: Parallax IT Inc VA is a full service technology firm that specializes in helping businesses utilize software technology.
Providence Psychological Services
Suite 203
About: Providence Psychological Services, Inc. is a non-denominational outpatient mental health practice that provides comprehensive and effective mental health services.
Safe Hands Home Health Care
Suite 223
About: Safe Hands Home Health Care provides safe and reliable home health care to disabled patients.
Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater
Suite 301
About: Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater is a multi-jurisdictional (City of Franklin, Southampton County, Isle of Wight County) collaboration focused on a mission that "all children in western Tidewater enter school healthy and ready to learn."
Summit Clinical Research, LLC
Suite 160
About: Summit Clinical Research will provide clinical research services to pharmaceutical companies.
Total Business and Personal Services, LLC
Suite 313
About: Community based service provider. Provides assistance in long term care, waiver services and elderly and disabled with consumer directive services.
The Pool Geeks
Suite 125
About: The Pool Geeks is a full service pool company that serves the Hampton Roads area and parts of North Carolina.